Mother-daughter Actresses Maria Isabel and Mara Lopez to portray the “Lady warrior of the Lumad” in a new docu-drama movie

Direk Cenon Palomares, Maria Isabel Lopez, Bai Bibyaon and Mara Lopez. (L-R) (c) Photographed by Erickson dela Cruz

A new documentary drama movie is now in production under NAPC (National Anti-Poverty Commission) that will feature Actress and Beauty Queen Ms. Maria Isabel Lopez and her daughter Mara Lopez who will both portray Bai Bibyaon Ligkayan Bigkay. Maria Isabel Lopez to play as the adult Bai Bibyaon, while her daughter Mara Lopez will be the young Bai. The film is under the direction by award-winning film maker Mr. Cenon Palomares (Kusina, Cinemalaya 2016).

Bai Bibyaon is a female chieftain from the Manobo tribe which according to history led a tribal war against a timber company and fought for their rights.

“These indigenous and ingenious people are driven out of their ancestral domain by huge mining and logging companies who want to exploit their land, by the military and paramilitary groups who conveniently tag them as rebels. Under the leadership of Bai Bibyaon Ligkayan Bigkay, their warrior mother and chieftain, their struggle for peace and for their territory continues. Let’s listen to their story.” -Direk Cenon wrote on his facebook account.

For more updates regarding this film, Connect to Bai Bibyaon Facebook page:

Maria Isabel Lopez, Bai Bibyaon and Mara Lopez. (L-R)  (c) Photographed by Erickson dela Cruz

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