Moymoy Lulumboy 4th book: Launching and sneak peek performance by PETA actors

20170916_135352In the book launching of “Moymoy Lulumboy: Mga Dulot ng Digmaan” the 4th action-packed adventure novel written by Segundo Matias, Jr. held during the 38th Manila International Book Fair last September 17, Actors from the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) has brought to life some characters from the book in a sneak peek performance. It was directed by Ian Segarra, also an actor from PETA.

The story of Moymoy begins in “Moymoy Lulumboy Book 1: Ang Batang Aswang”, which introduces Moymoy Lulumboy as a boy who is raised by humans but is actually a tibaro, a magical creature. He discovers the truth about his parentage and the reason why he is brought to the human world. In “Moymoy Lulumboy Book 2 : Ang Nawawalang Birtud”, we are introduced into Moymoy’s birthplace, the magical world of Gabun and the evil Buhawan whom he must fight with his twin brother Alangkaw in order to protect Gabun. The brothers’ adventure continues ni “Moymoy Lulumboy Book 3: Ang Paghahanap Kay Inay” where they embark on a mission to save their mother, Diyosang Liliw and find Gabun’s lost gold.

Book 4 immediately picks up where book 3 left off – the brothers’ search for the gold stolen by the evil Buhawan. It is said that upon the gold’s return to its rightful place, the curse of the Tibaros will be reversed. But just when they thought they finally recovered and returned the gold, it is discovered that the gold is not complete. Moymoy is accused of stealing a missing piece.

              Actors from PETA (c) Photographed by Erickson dela Cruz


Segundo Matias Jr. (c) photographed by Erickson dela Cruz

The Moymoy Lulumboy Series is written by three-time Palanca Awardee, award-winning author, and teleplay and screenplay writer Segundo Matias, Jr., who is also known by his storyteller persona “Kuya Jun.” He has written and published numerous stories for children and young adults, including the titles Makabagong Alamat, Mga Kwentong Nanay, and Mga Kwentong Dapat Mong Malaman. He is a three-time Don Palanca Memorial Awards winner for his teleplay Loida: Taxi Driver (First Honorable Mention, 1991), Alamat ng Duhat (First Prize, 211) and for his essay #PaperDolls (Third Place, Sanaysay Category, 2016). His story Ang Papag ni Tatang also earned an honorable mention citation from the PBBY-Salanga Prize in 2012.

At present, Matias is a student of MA in Creative Writing in Filipino at the University of the Philippines–Diliman. He is currently writing his masteral thesis “Batang Pusit,” a young adult book based on his research on HIV.

Jomike Tejido (c) photographed by Erickson dela Cruz

The visuals seen in the books are illustrated by Mr. Jomike Tejido. He is an architect by profession. He practiced architecture for some years before deciding that his true passion lies in writing and illustrating children’s books. Tejido has illustrated over 100 books since he started in 2000, some of which he also wrote. This includes the Jepoy Dyip book series and the Claysaurus book series. A distinct characteristic of his stories is the presence of that fun factor which sparks curiosity, discovery, and playfulness while developing the love for reading. Tejido is also a painter who specializes in using banig as a canvas.

Some Illustrations by Jomike Tejido from the 4th Moymoy Lulumboy Novel

               More photos from the Book launch and signing. 
                (c) Photographed by Erickson dela Cruz


MOYMOY LULUMBOY BOOK 4: MGA DULOT NG DIGMAAN is now available at all Precious Pages and National Bookstore outlets nationwide.

You can also purchase online via

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