The 50 Best Filipino Films of the 21st Century

Society of Filipino Film Reviewers

A few days after resigning from the Metro Manila Film Festival Executive Committee, film critic Rolando Tolentino tweeted, “Ang pelikula di naalaala dahil sa kita nito kundi sa kontribusyon sa kaluluwa ng bayan.” Pinoy Rebyu’s goal in coming up with best-of lists since 2010 has always been to make casual moviegoers gradually discover gems in Philippine cinema, gems that indeed contribute to the collective soul not because they added millions to capitalists’ bank accounts but because of their quality.

The 21st century has seen an exceptional resurgence of Philippine cinema: the lean output in the early 2000s that nevertheless still produced a handful of highly accomplished films gave way to a boom of independent digital cinema in the mid-2000s, facilitated by the Cinemalaya and Cinema One Originals grants which, coupled by the affordability of digital technology, allowed many more artists and storytellers, first from Manila and eventually the…

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